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Get Labelled – Environmental Credentials

At Get Labelled, we recognise that our activities have an impact on the environment in terms of the use of raw materials and waste generation and seek to minimise this as far as reasonably practicable.

Our initiatives include

  • Using an electric vehicle for local deliveries and collections
  • Shredding waste cardboard to reuse as void fill for packing
  • Employing locally based staff and giving them the option to work from home if practicable
  • Waste gift cards are used for arts projects at our local school
  • We are increasing our range of canned products to reduce reliance on glass
  • Pallets are reused and sent back through the system. We never buy new ones and take care of the older ones
  • 100% of our beer and cider is sourced from British producers
  • Wine is brought into the UK via Ship rather than air
  • We minimise paper use wherever possible and issue all our invoices electronically
  • We will regularly get brewers and wineries to double up on orders, taking beers from neighbouring suppliers and putting them on one pallet
  • 96% of the recycled papers used to make our transit boxes is certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council
  • We do not export beyond the UK

This isn’t just limited to what we can control directly, but we also love our suppliers to get involved too. Each producer has their own policy and some of the initiatives they currently run include

  • Creating space in a decommissioned reservoir, to use the natural ambient temperature for storing and conditioning beer
  • Burning waste wood or pellets in a biomass boiler to the heat the brewery
  • Giving the spent grain from the brewing process to local farms as food for their cattle.
  • The installation of a wind turbine or solar panels on site to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels
  • Growing their own barley on the fields surrounding the brewery
  • Brewing, bottling and labelling by hand on site to reduce the amount of beer miles travelled and reliance on bottling machines
  • Waste water from the brewing process is cleaned through a reed bed system before flowing back into rivers or streams
  • Swan Brewery won SIBA ‘Green Business of the Year’
  • Bluestone Brewery achieved Green Key Accreditation
  • Hobson’s Brewery won Blue Marches ‘Water Efficiency Award’
  • Our wine supplier is powered entirely by wind and solar energy and have invested £8m in sustainable technologies
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