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Q. How do I submit my artwork?

A. Really easy, once you have placed your order simply drop us an email containing your order number and the artwork attached to hello@getlabelled.co.uk

We’ll get back in touch within 24hrs (Mon-Fri) and provide you with an image of your label on the product you have ordered for you to check and approve.

Q. What size labels do you use?

A. Our labels are sized at 90mm x 70mm, so your design or logo will need to be sized to fit this otherwise your final label may looked, squashed or stretched. The labels themselves and are a poly based high photo quality gloss label, which are printed on high spec, specialist, water based inkjet label printer.

Q. What legal requirements are needed on my label?

A. When it comes to alcohol there is certain information that legally must be placed clearly on the bottle, such as the % ABV, size, place of manufacture etc, but don’t worry we’ll take care of this as we have specific labels for the backs of the bottles leaving your front label clear of clutter and prominent as possible for your logo, brand or artwork.

Q. Landscape or portrait?

A. When labels are being designed you need to consider which orientation to use as due to the bottle dimensions, as an example a portrait label does not look correct or fit well on a prosecco or champagne bottle, one exemption to this is our bottled lager, which fits a label in either orientation.

Landscape – Prosecco & champagne, 330ml bottles (lager)

Portrait – 500ml bottles (ales & cider), spirits, wine, 330ml bottles (lager)

Q. I’ve seen neck labels in some of your pictures, can you provide them?

A. Yes we can! and they really do make the bottled beers and ciders look extra special, however these are not currently something we can produce ourselves and require a local specialised label printer to make these for us so will incur an additional cost, please get in touch with us to discuss this further.

Q. No artwork, what do I do?

A. Most will provide their own artwork which has been designed and approved in house, however we can design a label for you if you give us an indication of what you need and provide any required logos etc, this will incur a small fee however so please get in touch here to discuss.

Q. What’s the maximum I can order?

A. We don’t have any maximum and can provide as many items as you need, we have provided trade shows and political summits with 1000’s of bottles, this may add to your lead time however as these will take longer to stock and label

Q. Pricing and VAT

A. All prices displayed on our site are inclusive of VAT. Sometimes pricing on beer, wine and fizz can change in a heartbeat and while we do our best to not increase out prices on rare occasions we have to, if your order is affected anyway we’ll get in touch to discuss.

Q. How & when do you deliver?

A. We have a number of delivery methods we can utilise, for smaller orders we generally use DHL UK and larger orders will be sent securely on a pallet via Palletforce. We also have our own van which we can use when required, so you might get to see one of us in person and say hello! Delivery is to a single UK address only, while we can deliver to multiple addresses this will affect pricing so please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements. Deliveries are made Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays)

Q. Why can I not see any delivery charges?

A. Delivery charges are complicated to work out, vary on the size, amount and weight of what is being sent and varies on whether we are sending a few boxes via a courier 50 cases via a pallet, so rather than add a fee after the order has been placed we have built the cost of delivery into the products when ordering. Although from time to time we may need to make adjustments as it may not be financially viable, but if this is the case we will get in touch with you to discuss.

Q. We are a business, can we pay via an invoice/bank transfer?

A. Absolutely! there’s an option on our checkout just for this. Once you order is placed drop us an email at hello@getlabelled.co.uk with your order number and we’ll arrange for an invoice to be sent back to you. However, if you are a new customer to us we won’t process or dispatch your order until the invoice is paid in full and the funds have cleared our account.

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